We have a great personality at Brixx and create a fun environment, but it’s our menu that keeps you coming back. If the ingredients aren’t right in the kitchen, the meal that arrives at your table isn’t going to be either.

And, since everyone’s palate is a little different, we love to offer our customers lots of options.

Nutritional Information

Click here for nutritional information on our menu items.

Fresh Ingredients

From the greens and veggies used in our salads and pizzas to our meats, we select only fresh products we know were produced with the highest quality. That’s never the cheapest for us, but food that isn’t the best is of no value to anyone.

When it comes to cheese, we use the finest we can get — made in Wisconsin with milk from farms that have received 5 Star Certification from the Milk & Dairy Beef Quality Assurance Program™, the highest level of quality that can be achieved.

Seriously, who wants to eat pizza from a place that doesn’t respect the power of cheese?

Wood Burning Oven

These days, many places talk about preparing their food in a brick oven. So do we. But, from day one, our pizzas and breads have been made in a brick oven with actual, honest-to-gosh wood. And, the natural flavors that come from the wood infuse all of our pizzas, doughs and breads. That just can’t be imitated. You know it when you taste it.

House Made Items

We make our signature items in house daily – our focaccia bread and croutons, our house made mozzarella cheese, tiramisu, and, of course, our traditional and whole wheat pizza doughs – the canvas on which we paint our pizzas.

Gluten-Free Options

Salads are great, but everyone deserves a night out for pizza and beer now and again- regardless of whether or not they have a gluten allergy or are cutting gluten out of their diet. That’s why we’re proud to offer gluten-free dough in all of our locations. Click here for information on our gluten-free dough.

And, all Brixx locations offer bottled gluten-free beers. See a sample Gluten-Free Menu here. Prices may vary by location.

Vegan Options

We also offer an array of vegan options for our guests. Our vegan cheese is available on any of our pizzas, salads and sandwiches at no extra charge. And, our traditional and whole wheat doughs are made with turbinado sugar and are 100% vegan, as well. Click here for more nutritional information on our vegan cheese.

Allergen List

Guests with food allergies can view a list of allergens in our menu items here.