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Food Essentials

From our housemade dough, focaccia bread, and hummus to our fresh veggies and our cheese—which is made from only the finest Wisconsin dairy milk—we use the best to serve the best.

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Our Food Philosophy

Meet Our Director of Culinary

Our Food Philosophy

Meet Our Director of Culinary

Global flavors, Local Heart

Creative combinations collide with craveable comforts. From the Mediterranean Salad to the Sweet Thai Chicken Pizza, you don’t need to travel far to explore the world through our wood fired fare.

Get FreshWith Us

Did you know that the only freezer in our whole restaurant is home only to ice cream? From the greens and veggies used in our salads and pizzas to our meats, we select only fresh products we know were produced with the highest quality. That’s never the cheapest for us, but food that isn’t the best is of no value to anyone.

We make the foundation of our menu in-house from scratch daily—from our traditional dough to our hummus and fresh mozzarella.

Wood Fired Up

Our signature brick ovens use locally sourced wood to enhance the natural flavors of our fresh ingredients, giving our pizza that smoky wood fired flavor we all know and love.

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We Welcome All Pizzavores

We believe everyone deserves to go out for delicious pizza and beer – regardless of dietary restrictions. That’s why we’re proud to offer plenty of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options at all of our locations.

Vegan cheese is available on any of our pizzas, salads and sandwiches at no extra charge. Our traditional dough is made with turbinado sugar and is 100% vegan, as well. And, for those with gluten allergies, we know how to prepare your meals safely.


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