Crafting Connections: Even in a Pandemic - Brixx Wood Fired Pizza

Bringing people together is what we love to do. A pandemic throws quite the wrench in that. During a year of tragedy and uncertainty, we’re happy to take a moment to focus on those little moments of joy, like an adorable couple who had their first date at Brixx becoming first-time home-buyers (and celebrating with some wood fired ‘za, of course).

Lee Katherine and Steve met in 2013 while chatting at a bar in Chapel Hill, NC. For their first scheduled “hang-out,” they met up in the Meadowmont Shopping Center area to walk Steve’s dog–a sassy little dachshund named Ada–together. As the owner of an 80-lb pit bull, Lee Katherine says she was a little skeptical of a man with a small dog, but Ada quickly won her over and Steve wasn’t far behind.

After walking around for a bit that afternoon, they decided to head over to Brixx for beers and pizza on the patio. In the years to follow, Brixx has been the setting for many dates, whether they’re watching hockey (Carolina Hurricanes for Lee Katherine and Tampa Bay Lightning for Steve), cheating at Music Bingo with strangers or just enjoying a sunny afternoon on the patio with one of their doggos. They’ve now been married since 2018 and are excited to spend many happy years together with their four rescue dogs on their new country home.

We (virtually) asked Lee Katherine and Steve a series of quick interview questions we like to call the Brixx Six. Here’s what they said:

The Brixx Six

Where are you from?

Lee Katherine: I’m originally from Richmond, VA, and Steve is from Erie, PA, but we both consider ourselves North Carolinians now. 😊

What are some of your hobbies?

Lee Katherine: Handlettering (I’m currently making all our Christmas cards for our family and friends), horseback riding (& baking bread and houseplants – everyone’s favorite new quarantine pastimes!)

Steve: Beer league roller hockey, writing and contributing to free software

What’s a past Brixx menu item you miss?

Both: Luckily, all our favorites have stuck around!

What are you binge-watching on TV or Netflix?

Lee Katherine: We watch The Great British Bake-Off together, and I’m currently obsessed with Julie and the Phantoms.

What’s your current favorite Brixx dish?

Lee Katherine: I get powerful cravings for the Brixx Salad.

Steve: I love the Rosemary Chicken & Mushroom Pizza.

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

Lee Katherine: The ability to control the weather

Steve: Superspeed

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