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Ever heard the phrase, “time is money?” Well, you can consider this a sign to reclaim your time. According to a 2018 employment engagement survey from Tork, working through lunch actually negatively affects productivity in the workplace. (Take that, The Man.)

While hunkering down at your desk and soaking in the blue light rays for hours on end may seem like a good idea at the time, not taking enough away time throughout the workday makes workers feel less engaged in their job when all is said and done. Even though North American workers value their lunch breaks, the ever-increasing pressure (or, at least, perceived pressure) from management to be more efficient ultimately has an impact on employees’ overall performance and job satisfaction – and it’s not a positive one.

Did you think it was just you? Think again. If you’re feeling the stress of a grueling workday with little time to decompress, you’re not alone. According to Tork:

  • Nearly 90% of employees consider the ability to take a lunch break critical when accepting a new job. However, when it comes time to leave the to-do list behind, the average lunch break is less than 30 minutes for more than half of North American workers.
  • The reason many workers skip lunch? They think they’ll be judged for actually taking the breaks they’re entitled to. The worst part? That’s not totally untrue: 22% of bosses think that employees who take a regular lunch break are less hardworking.
  • 13% of North American workers think their coworkers would judge them for taking a regular lunch break.

“Reluctance to take a lunch break is often perceived as a display of dedication to the job,” said Jennifer Deal, Senior Research Scientist at the Center for Creative Leadership and Affiliated Research Scientist at the Center for Effective Organizations at University of Southern California (USC). “In reality, taking time away for a lunch break can help to reduce stress, increase engagement, and restore energy levels, making employees feel more effective and productive back at the office.”

Okay, okay … enough of those lunch break woes. On to the good stuff:

Brixx offers an $8.95 Lunch Special that includes a wood fired Pizzetta (1/2 pizza) & Brixx or Caesar Side Salad (special may vary by location). Even if you’re among those workers with little to no time for breaks, we can usually have your lunch out in 10-12 minutes – leaving the perfect amount of social media scrolling or coworker chatting time while you wait.

So, next time your boss asks you to skip your break to finish up an assignment, send them our way. And, if you’re an employer, treat your team to lunch today – it’ll only benefit you in the long-run.

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