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It’s a no-brainer to get your next event catered by us, whether traditionally or by having us bring our mobile pizza kitchen “Brixx Fixx” to your site!

Catering Menu

Catering availability and menus vary by location, so be sure to call or email the appropriate contact listed below. Catering is available for pickup or delivery, upon request for an additional charge depending on your location. Complete rental of our facility for private events, cocktails, banquets and dinners is also available. Click the button below for a sample catering menu. (Prices may vary by location.)



For Catering in Asheville, NC, contact (828) 654-0046 or [email protected]

For Catering in Cary, NC, contact (919) 336-1111 or [email protected]

For Catering in Charlotte, NC & Ft. Mill, contact (704) 915-8228 or [email protected]

For Catering in Deerfield, OH, contact (513) 486-1805 or [email protected]

For Catering in Greensboro, NC, contact (336) 235-2749 or [email protected]

For Catering in Fishers, IN, contact (317) 849-2749 or [email protected]

For Catering in Nashville, TN, contact (615) 771-7797 or [email protected]

For Catering in Winston-Salem, NC, contact (336) 837-0664 or [email protected]